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Regardless of how much progress you have made on your journey to becoming data-driven, it is not always easy to know how to take the ‘next step’ as an organisation.

Companies that base their decisions on data and use data strategically achieve better financial results than their competitors, according to research by Itera.

There are many ways in which data can be used: from making decisions based on predictions of what the future will probably look like to taking steps to improve process efficiency so that resources and investment can be used where it really matters. The possibilities are endless.

Taking decisions based on what the future will probably look like can increase competitiveness. In addition, data-driven organisations can cut their costs by identifying processes that can be made more efficient or discontinued.

Over the course of a ‘Value Week’, we will identify one or more use cases for your organisation that will create concrete and realisable value, and we will enable them to be scaled so that they deliver their full benefit for your organisation.

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“A data-driven approach to decision-making generates added value by removing the need for subjective assessment, enabling you to take better and more targeted decisions based on analysis rather than assumptions.”

Siren Tønnesen

Team lead Data & Analytics


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