Cloud & Application Services

Harness the power of cloud computing

We help organisations migrate to a cloud-based IT infrastructure, enabling them to optimise, modernise and innovate for the future.

The power of cloud computing

The cloud is at peak centralisation right now, as computing becomes embedded in everything and the physical and digital worlds converge, transforming how we interact with people, places, and objects. 

Moving to the cloud can be complex and confusing. We make sure your infrastructure and applications are managed in a predictable, transparent and cost-efficient manner – scaling only when necessary. Using automation and our team of solution architecture advisors, we help you innovate your digital strategies and business applications faster than ever before. All of this in a secure, controlled environment, integrated directly in our solutions for increased speed and reduced risk. 

Cloud and Application Services

We use the enormous power of AI in the cloud to enhance predictive & analytic power, common-sense reasoning, alignment with human preferences and augment human capabilities.


Advantages when moving to the cloud: 

  • Spending according to use 
  • Predictability 
  • Accelerated time-to-market 
  • Scalability
  • Increased quality 
  • Agility and flexibility  
  • Integrated security  

Our approach

The digital revolution is under way. As businesses across all industries become digitally-driven, they will require new technologies, delivery models and business models to adapt and take the lead in the new digital age.

Here, we take a ‘platform first’ approach, using the most advanced technologies – artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, IoT and big data – to innovate, create and solve our customers’ challenges. All this is delivered through a hybrid model combining tech experts in Slovakia and the Ukraine with local specialists, working together as a borderless, seamless team.

Digital Business

We help businesses set direction and convert the possibilities of emerging technologies and data to business value.


With design as one of our core competences we’re uniquely placed to draw out user insight and respond to their needs.

Data & Analytics

We enable businesses to make better decisions faster, and prepare them for a data-driven future.

Development & Architecture

We have a wide range of expertise in various technologies, programming languages and frameworks.

Cloud & Application Services

We help organisations migrate to a cloud-based IT infrastructure, enabling them to optimise, modernise and innovate for the future.

Test & Quality Assurance

We make your software development life-cycle more efficient, and help your organisation achieve the desired business outcome.