Development & Architecture

We take your technology seriously

We're driven by technology and we are passionate about its power to transform. As a result, we have a wide range of expertise in various technologies, programming languages and frameworks.

Developing value for our customers

We're involved in all phases of software development processes. The work varies from understanding the clients needs, defining functional and non-functional requirements, designing technical solutions, developing, testing and deploying solutions to create business value.

Our architects provide a clear strategy for handling business needs, scope, constraints, risk management, governance, security, and a roadmap for future work.

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Our more than 200 certified and highly skilled developers solve major challenges for our customers based on a use-case and data-driven approach.

Examples of what we create:
  • Digital twins for simplified maintenance of large industrial installations
  • Notification services based on sensor technology
  • Smart building and energy concepts
  • Self-service solutions
  • Case management solutions

Digital Business

We help businesses set direction and convert the possibilities of emerging technologies and data to business value.


With design as one of our core competences we’re uniquely placed to draw out user insight and respond to their needs.

Data & Analytics

We enable businesses to make better decisions faster, and prepare them for a data-driven future.

Development & Architecture

We have a wide range of expertise in various technologies, programming languages and frameworks.

Cloud & Application Services

We help organisations migrate to a cloud-based IT infrastructure, enabling them to optimise, modernise and innovate for the future.

Test & Quality Assurance

We make your software development life-cycle more efficient, and help your organisation achieve the desired business outcome.