New report: Data-driven business

Andreas Almquist

“It’s never been easier to access and analyse data – why is it so hard to become data- driven?”

Andreas Almquist

Director Business Consulting / Itera

What you get:

The intention of this report is to examine how Norwegian organisations use data as a strategic asset and how to transform to a data-driven business.

We surveyed a selection of Norwegian organisations across sectors to examine what practices and approaches that hallmark those who succeed.

Our findings indicate that the promise of data has captured the imagination of organisations in all industries. Many are working diligently towards a data-driven transformation. However, we find indications of clear differences between those who lead the way and the rest. With this report we aim to shed light on the different practices required to succeed and how executives can approach a modern use case-based approach to transform toward a data driven organisation.

1. The data divide
How data-driven are Norwegian businesses?

2. Where data drives success
What separates high performers?

3. Transform to a datadriven business
How to capture the opportunity?


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