A partner for competitive advantages

We help organizations navigate and succeed with technological challenges and business critical sustainable change.

Businesses face increasingly complex choices going forward. Faster pace and a high rate of change is caused by emerging technologies, customer needs and industry dynamics.

Making the right strategic choices and navigating the complexities of these challenges, is a tall order. The right strategy must build a culture for change, combined with fast execution and rapid learning. We help you design winning strategies, identify the right technology and plan how to implement it. We help you execute and scale to create long-term competitive advantage.

We help you innovate and digitalise your organisation.

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Being an end to end partner

Using our strategic understanding and practical approach, we are a long term digitalisation partner. We increase your competitiveness through exploiting the opportunities offered by modern technology platforms and build solutions. Our capabilities in business strategy explores how the technology and your business best can benefit each other. We help find how your data can create measurable difference and competitive advantage. The experience design applies the insight in human behaviour and how we relate, interact and embrace new products and services to ensure adoption and long term success of the strategy. 



Optimise what you have while building for long term success

We understand that digital transformation is demanding and requires a lot of time and effort. Planning for the future, while managing the needs of today, requires parallel thinking or parallel strategies. We help optimise your current technology and business. We refine how your products and services behave and function. Simultaneously we help you develop the strategy needed, to build new platforms for future growth. 


Optimise what you have while building for long term success

Planning for the future while managing the needs of today requires 
operational change and continuous adjustments. 
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To ensure
 the best approach and capacity needs, we work in inter-disciplinary teams across geographical regions.

Distributed delivery model 

While we are Nordic in our nature and how we think and act, we are far from this in where we live and work. To be a specialist means hiring and nurturing the best talent wherever they are. Our competence centres are now all over Scandinavia as well as Slovakia and Ukraine. To ensure that what we do make a difference in our customers world, we assemble our teams across geographical regions as well as areas of expertise. This distributed delivery model makes us able to scale teams up and down depending on the workload and what competence is needed when and where in a project lifecycle. 

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We take your technology seriously

At Itera, we are curious about new technology and ways to solve challenges. Whether it is artificial intelligence, machine learning, DevOps or strategic cloud solutions, we are looking to leverage the technology you need to create, innovate and explore. We operate a distributed delivery model and utilise all our offices depending on what competence is needed.  

Our distributed delivery model works seamlessly across all our locations

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Our more than 200 certified and highly educated developers solve major challenges for our customers using use-case and data driven approach. They develop self-service solutions, case management solutions, digital twins for simplified maintenance of large installations, notification services based on sensor technology and smart building and smart energy concepts.  

We understand the correlations

We take your technology seriously legacy-1 (1)

We take your business seriously

As technology changes and new platforms emerge the need for a sustainable and future ready business model, that can utilise all aspects of your data, becomes increasingly more critical. As a technology company our business consulting is an integral part of how we help you build products and services, and how you can adapt and improve with new conditions and challenges. Working with data as an asset, to refine and develop new services, is a critical advantage. Together we can use data to help improve your current operations, and prepare for the implementation of new technologies to gradually transform the business.



Success is when your business, the data and the technology are working together

We help you optimise your current business models and help you realign for a more sustainable future. We provide the digital solutions that make our customers more competitive. Our deep understanding of current and future technologies, digital communication and user behaviour help you meet your business goals. 

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Experience – to understand and relate 

Experience has rapidly become they key to make technology understandable and relatable. Regardless of if its products and services or how we interact with large complex systems. A design mindset is key to understand how we interact and what the driving needs and emotions that makes a product work and become successful are. Design is part of constructing the journey and how the business idea is made relevant, it's a shaping factor of the user experience and the visual impact that makes it communicate and resonate in people's lives.

Interdisciplinary teams for innovation and results 

The best results are created when we use our entire range of services and work in multidisciplinary teams. We form teams with roles, competence and experience, best suited to solve the challenge: business consultants, service designers, architects, developers, designers, concept developers – we create innovation and business value through our interdisciplinary approach. With DevOps as a method, we ensure fast deliveries, user involvement and continuous development.