A joint commitment to make a positive difference
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About us

At Itera we share a commitment to make a positive difference by applying our expertise in digital technology, design, and business consulting, to help our customers work better, now and into the future. What drives us every day, is to use our competence to solve real problems for real people.

To make a difference, we work different

In a close partnership with our partners and clients we aim to make a positive impact in all we do. By understanding and applying the power of digital technology, design, and business consulting, we're helping them to realise their ambitions for a sustainable future. Of course, we're driven by technology and we are passionate about its power to transform.

A group of people working together

To make a difference requires new thinking, new technology and new ways of working. We therefore put significant effort into looking for synergies and ways of increasing the value of our contribution.  

We are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker ITERA (new from 30.11.2020)

How do we make a difference?

We are aware of our responsibility

At Itera, we not only run responsible business operations, we also take on an important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards people, society, the environment and the industry to which we belong. Through the active choices we make and the initiatives we take, we commit ourselves to enable lasting positive change, and we know that tomorrow's winners are aware of their responsibilities. 

We help solve the problems of the future

Our young people of today must solve problems we have no scope of. To create a sustainable future, the world needs more technologists and people with technological expertise. Itera takes responsibility by developing newly qualified technologists into state-of-the-art employees. We hire a large number of summer students and "graduates" every year. Together with our customers and partners, we build a sustainable future for society and newly qualified technologists. 

81 summer students

have developed cutting-edge experience at Itera over the past 3 years.

47 graduates

have been hired into Itera over the past 3 years.

Sustainability as our driving force

For us, sustainability is a driving force for smart business – it is a question of creating more with less.  

In 2019 Itera refined the group’s strategy in relation to our own commitment. Our vision – make a difference – imposes significant commitment on how we as a company impact the world in which we operate. We need to play a role in society that involves us making a positive contribution to accelerated change. 

Our goals for a sustainable future

Itera is committed to being part of the global effort to create a sustainable world, therefore we have prioritised those goals where we can make a difference through our company. Our main focus is digital business and technology, and this is where we can contribute to the best problem-solving.

We are ESG certified by Nasdaq, and will reduce risk by following the principles of ESG Reporting.


UN sustainable goals

Other important initiatives we work with:

Tenk Tech Camp logo

We support Tenk Tech Camp - to contribute to make girls interested in technology 

Oda Nettverk logo

We support Oda Nettverk  - to contribute to making a meeting place for women in tech.

Eco-lighthouse logo

We are a certified Eco-lighthouse (Norway).

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Key facts

Itera has operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Slovakia and Ukraine. The group delivers innovative solutions and services to about 20 countries, including all Nordic countries.  Itera also collaborates with local partners to always form the best team for our customers. 


Among the most experienced 

Founded in 1998, Itera is one of the most experienced industry players in the Nordics. We have an interesting history of mixing competence and people to always be best aligned to solve the real problems with our customers.

Strong customer portfolio

Our work has covered numerous cross-border Nordic and international organisations in all major sectors. Among the most successful stories are well known companies in sectors such as banking and insurance, professional services, healthcare, public services, retail, and utilities.

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We encourage flexibility and a healthy work-life balance

Maternal Caress illustration by Mary Cassatt (1844 - 1926). Original from Library of Congress.

Maternal Caress illustration by Mary Cassatt (1844-1926). Original from Library of Congress.

A diverse working environment for our 700 employees

Our employees are spread across our different offices and countries, working seamlessly across borders we mobilize diversified project teams and specialists as they are needed in the different stages of the process. We work every day to have an inclusive and diverse environment and culture for our people because we believe different perspectives is essential to solve the complex problems and challenges of the future.

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Niche specialists as integrated parts of the group 

Compendia and Cicero Consulting are niche specialists, wholly owned by Itera.   

Compendia provides tools, content and consulting in human resources, management, HSE and quality.  

Cicero Consulting is an industry expert in the banking sector, providing market intelligence, strategic advice and solutions to Nordic financial businesses.