About us

Founded in 1998, Itera is one of the most experienced technology companies in the Nordics. By applying our expertise in technology, design and business consulting, we help our customers work better – now and into the future. What drives us every day is to use our competence to solve real problems for real people.

Our vision


To make a difference requires new thinking, new technologies and new ways of working. At Itera, innovation is part of our DNA.

Experimentation involves failure as well as success, and we’re not afraid to fail in order to progress. We're driven by technology and we're passionate about its power to make a difference.

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Itera has operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. We deliver innovative solutions and services to about 20 countries, including all Nordic countries.

How do we make a difference?

We are aware of our responsibility

At Itera, we not only run responsible business operations, but we also take on an important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards people, society, the environment and the industry to which we belong. Through the active choices we make and the initiatives we take, we commit ourselves to enabling lasting positive change, and we know that tomorrow's winners are aware of their responsibilities. 

Sustainability as our driving force

For us, sustainability is a driving force for innovative business – it is a question of creating more with less.

In 2019 Itera refined the group’s strategy concerning our commitment. Our vision – make a difference – imposes significant responsibility on how we as a company impact the world in which we operate. We need to play a role in society that involves us positively contributing to accelerated change. 

Niche specialists as integrated parts of the group 

Compendia and Cicero Consulting are niche specialists, wholly owned by Itera.   

Compendia provides tools, content and consulting in human resources, management, HSE and quality.  

Cicero Consulting is an industry expert in the banking sector, providing market intelligence, strategic advice and solutions to Nordic financial businesses. 

Our offices

Bergen, Norway
Strandgaten 18
5013, Bergen

+47 23 00 76 50

Bratislava, Slovakia
SKY PARK Offices, 2nd floor
Bottova 2A
811 09, Bratislava
+421 917 191 365

Brno, Czech Republic
Vlnena 5
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Copenhagen, Denmark
Hummeltoftevej 49
2830, Virum
+45 70 13 61 00

Fredrikstad, Norway
Storgata 3
1607, Fredrikstad

+47 47 81 27 16

Kyiv, Ukraine
Astarta Business Center
Yaroslavska, 58
Section B, Floor 8
04071, Kyiv 
+380 44 363 32 02

Oslo, Norway
Nydalsveien 28
Postboks 4814 Nydalen
0422, Oslo
+47 23 00 76 50

Reykjavik, Iceland
Skipholti 50d
105, Reykjavík

Stockholm, Sweden
Mäster Samuelsgatan 60
8th floor
111 21, Stockholm
+46 8-213122

Zilina, Slovakia
Legionárska 1
010 01 Žilina