Our approach to sustainability

Itera aims to be recognised as the specialist in creating sustainable business. We have made sustainability a driver for our services and solutions, we have dedicated employees who want to help make a difference – and we have good partners that will accelerate business opportunities that will bring about a greener future.

Digitalisation and sustainability go hand in hand

Technology is increasingly a driver and a prerequisite for more sustainable solutions. Itera’s competitive advantage is that we have the expertise, experience and delivery capabilities that can meet our stakeholders’ expectations. We constantly aim to integrate sustainability into our deliveries.

Living up to expectations

Itera has numerous stakeholders. We affect their day-to-day activities – and they affect ours. In order to gain insight into what our stakeholders expect and require from us, we have updated our stakeholder and materiality analysis. This provides valuable input for Itera’s strategic business decisions.

On the basis of the stakeholder and materiality analysis, we have prioritised the following topics:

  • Deliver, often with partners, complete, digital, sustainable solutions
  • Create a safe and responsible return on investment
  • Ensure that all employees are treated equally and feel included in
    an increasingly diverse culture
  • Focus on employees – people first
Itera Stakeholders


of the 169 UN Sustainability Goals targets can be directly supported by digital technologies.

Our prioritised goals for a sustainable business

We are committed to being part of the global effort to create a sustainable world. Through our strategy work, it became clear that Itera cannot make a meaningful contribution to all of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our approach is therefore to prioritise those goals where we can make a difference through our company. 


5: Gender equality

"End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere".


9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

"Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation".


11: Sustainable cities and communities

"Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable".


12: Responsible consumption and production

"Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns".

We are open about what we do

Itera is committed to reporting its sustainability work in a transparent way. This is also in line with the growing requirements to which listed companies are subject. Itera’s objective is to have a set reporting structure that we regularly use to report on our targets, where we are in relation to them, and what measures we have taken for the KPIs we have prioritised.

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1. Materiality analysis

  • Identifying stakeholders and mapping their interests
  • Identifying the relevant themes for the company
  • Prioritisation

2. Operational management

  • Include material risks and opportunities in operational management
  • Define targets and indicators for material topics
  • Ensure robust internal ESG data collection and management processes

3. Communication

  • Quality of the information
  • Format of the presentation
  • Make the ESG information accessible

Certifications and partners

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UN Global compact
Nasdaq ESG
SHE Index

Our sustainable value creation

We take a holistic approach to how we contribute to sustainable value creation. Our foundation is formed of our vision and strategy, our strength, and our core deliveries. When these are combined, value is created for our customers, our employees, our owners and society.

Our vision and strategy

Make a difference

Strategic position
The specialist in creating sustainable digital business

UN SDGs prioritised by Itera

5. Gender equality

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

11. Sustainable cities and communities

12. Responsible consumption and production

Our strengths

Technology, design and business expertise applied correctly contribute to sustainability

Employees motivated to make a difference

Customer portfolio
We have an impact on many of the largest companies in the Nordics

We integrate sustainability into our deliveries

We establish innovative and future-oriented partnerships that strengthen and develop our sustainable solutions

Our main activities

Realise sustainable innovation
Identify, sell and deliver projects

Test and learn methods

Sustainability in operations
Technology and digitalisation are prerequisites for the green transition. Through our services, we contribute to sustainable solution

We seek partnerships that strengthen our sustainable business

Our value creation

Long-term and ethical investments

Attractive partners with a clear standpoint and contributions to sustainability

Projects with purpose at a value-based company

Serious business and responsible employer