Industry 4.0

On the brink of a revolution

Industry 4.0 has arrived in Norway and globally. How will the fourth industrial revolution affect Norwegian business and industry in the years to come?

The term ‘industry 4.0’ is used to refer to the fourth industrial revolution, which is happening at this very moment. Technology is developing at a fast pace, and the internet, manufacturing and products are merging. Physical products and processes are being connected to sensors and digitalised. Data volumes are increasing and data is being stored in the cloud, creating virtually limitless opportunities for analysis.

«The ripple effects of all previous industrial revolutions have been felt far beyond industry itself»

Industry 4.0 front page

The report provides an overview of the opportunities that increased digitalisation will create in industries such as power, oil and energy and the traditional production industry. It also contains interviews with several of the most key players that set the framework for development - from the authorities and interest groups to the companies that have come the furthest in developing the digital solutions of the future.

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