Making the case for cloud transformation 

Facing the global energy crisis, one of Norway's largest energy companies needed help in outlining the business case for their cloud transformation.

This insight would be key to becoming a more customer-orientated and data-driven company. They also have an ambition of optimised values and enhanced adaptability, driven by the increased pace of digitalisation.  

Unclear transformation benefits

The energy company serves around half a million customers, and their main activities are in production, distribution, and transport of electrical power. They had a technological platform that, over the years, has incurred risks that have slowed down the speed of digitalisation.  

A response to this was launching a transition to a modern cloud platform, but the investments needed to finish the transition were unclear. So were the cost forecast and the activities required to capture the full potential business value from the cloud.  

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How to capture the business value of cloud  

Itera was engaged to develop the investment rationale for the group executive committee and highlight activities required to succeed in capturing the business value of cloud. 

  1. In close collaboration with key stakeholders and management from the Company. We mapped the system portfolio to uncover which applications, infrastructure and servers should be removed, moved, modernised, or replaced in the cloud was conducted.

  2. The transition costs and alternative costs were detailed. This included identifying necessary investments associated with optimisation and cloud transformation, spread over an investment period.

  3. Analysis of expected profit realisation was conducted, outlining the further potential for digitalisation and for optimising, improving, and streamlining workflows through the organisation.

  4. Theroadmap of key activities to realise the full potential business benefits of the cloud was prepared and detailed. 

An obvious choice to move to the cloud  

By outlining what it would require for the new cloud-based, modern and flexible technological foundation, the case for cloud transformation made it obvious that it would create value for the organisation. 

The case was unanimously approved by the group executive management and executed. The company is now ready to capture the full business value of the cloud transformation.  

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