Cloud technology is fast

Previously, many steps and tasks had to be performed before building a solution could begin. This is no longer the case.

Written by Tormod Fjeldberg

The server rooms are still there - in the cloud

The large reduction in time from idea to solution is made possible by removing the delivery time on physical servers and establishing this in the server room. The "server room" in the cloud always has capacity and new services can be activated very quickly.

Here, speed can go beyond safety and cost control. However, with control, standardization and automatization, the value of speed can be exploited.

The infinite toolbox

The establishment of a digital solution also requires the team to have access to tools and development environments. The diversity of the range of tools is enormous and constantly evolving. Several different types of tools should be evaluated before a complete DevOps toolbox is in place.

A good strategy would be to standardize which tools are used and continuously challenge this standard. Do we have the tools that give us the greatest value or are there others that can fit better.

In order for the team to be able to start their work quickly and at the same time be sure that all tools are available, this should be automized.

The faster and more structured the team gets access to tools, standard processes, working methods and templates, the faster the organization will be able to start extracting the value of its digitization.

Tormod Fjeldberg

Head of ALM

Experienced and interdisciplinary teams

Cloud technology, automatization and standardization make it possible for the development team to perform quick and efficient. However, it is a prerequisite that the team is composed of interdisciplinary expertise and is familiar with both the use of tools and work processes. Teams that know working methods and tools will also be well suited to contribute to a continuous improvement process.

Development, improvement and innovation in how the work is carried out must be encouraged, in order to utilize the opportunities that come.

Everyone can establish cloud solutions, but it is essential to have access to competence and experience for the establishment to be done in a way that ensures stability, security and costs.

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