Key developments in the Northern European markets

Energy markets have been characterized by high and volatile prices in recent years. Europe is facing a renewal of its energy system in which developments in Ukraine will be central. Ukraine aims to become Europe’s leading green energy hub. In this report, we look closer at the end-user market for electricity in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany.

Electricity Market Report - Key developments in the Northern European markets
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What you get:

The market report sheds light on different Northern European markets and how we can learn from each other.

In the renewal of the energy system, new solutions for customers will be crucial to succeed with volatile prices and the development of an efficient energy system.

One of the objectives of the report is to shed light on different markets, and how companies and countries can learn from each other. In our first report, we observe, among other things:

  • A high level of competition in all the markets, where the number of retailers seems closely related to the market size. Germany has mainly fixed-price contracts that reduce volatility for customers

  • We see minor differences in other products and services offered by the other companies in country. Germany stands out as the country with the greatest accessibility to products like solar, electric vehicles (EVs), heat pumps, and smart home solutions, while Finland ranks as the least accessible in comparison

  • Generative AI offers significant economic potential for the energy sector, with key cases in customer operations, marketing, sales, risk and legal

We hope the report provides useful insight and forms a basis for further discussion in the companies and the development of a customized energy system.

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