Cloud technology is cost effective

A transition to the cloud will for most entail saved costs, provided that it is set up correctly and with good management. In order to optimize cost-effectiveness, it is important to think about the entire life cycle of a solution from day one.

Written by Tormod Fjeldberg

By cost-effective is meant to balance the achieved value against the investment of capital and funds. It is not necessarily the case that individual components in the cloud have a lower cost than a more traditional IT infrastructure, but the whole and the total lifetime cost will here be able to make a financial difference.

Automatization - a crucial success factor

Establishment of functionality to be used after the solution is established in the cloud must be included in the backlog, and then delivered through the sprinter. Here, automatization is a keyword.

A driver for automatization is to have a basic strategy that enables the development team to ensure green lights, as well as maintain the solution so that it is "as good as new" at all times. This presupposes that the team thinks about this responsibility from the design phase. Therefore, it is essential that there are resources in the interdisciplinary team that have knowledge and experience of which functionalities for operation and maintenance must be in place.

To ensure the stability of the knowledge in the team, there should be continuity in the composition of resources throughout the life cycle of the application.

Transition from investment to price for use

When switching to cloud solutions, there is a need to change mindsets about costs.

You no longer need to think about investment costs (CAPEX), but it becomes essential to think about the current cost of use (OPEX). This requires innovation, often for the entire organization.

Tormod Fjeldberg

Head of ALM

Can solutions be scaled so the running costs are balanced with the use of the solution? And is there a need for all environments to be accessible at all times?

I mentioned above the premise that those who build the solution should also be responsible throughout the life cycle. In order to ensure control of costs throughout this phase, it is crucial that the interdisciplinary team is provided with this competence.

Everyone can establish cloud solutions, but it is essential to have access to competence and experience for the establishment to be done in a way that ensures stability, security and costs.

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