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DNV and Itera: Collaborating on green solutions worldwide

A better connection between the physical and the digital will speed up both Industry 4.0 and the green shift. That is why Itera has entered a strategic partnership with the world's leading classification society, DNV.

DNV is a global company in quality assurance and risk management, with a presence in over 100 countries and a head office in Norway. The customer list includes many of the world's leading industrial companies. With unique technical expertise and independence, DNV assists its customers in improving safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Like Itera, DNV takes responsibility for making a positive difference. This often implies significant tasks that require close cooperation between leading professional environments. Through the partnership with DNV, we aim to increase the spread of innovative green industrial solutions worldwide.

Accelerating industry 4.0 

While B2C companies may demonstrate a high degree of digital maturity, many B2B companies are in the initial stages of their digitisation journeys. Despite profitable market positions today, there are therefore many industry players who are not equipped for tomorrow's competition.

It is this transformation that we seek to address together with DNV. Itera's flexible delivery model and end-to-end digitisation solutions, together with DNV's globally recognized expertise in quality assurance and risk management, give us the very best prerequisites for accelerating Industry 4.0. This will strengthen the degree of digital maturity and help DNV's customers realise their ambitions for a more sustainable future.

Optimising the power grid in North America 

A modernisation of the electricity grid is essential if we are to succeed in reaching the zero emission targets. The work requires heavy investments, targeted digital initiatives, and not least, a unifying driving force behind the development of new sustainable solutions. DNV, with some of the world's largest companies on its customer list, is one such player. 

DNV is behind a number of projects that help customers work more efficiently and sustainably. One of these projects, which was launched in the spring of 2022, makes it easier for 150 of the largest electricity suppliers in the US and Canada to maintain and optimise the electricity grid to ensure efficient energy deliveries to their customers. Itera has developed the solution, a cloud-based app that focuses on user experience and scalability. 

Yuriy Suvorov

– The new application, called Cascade, is based on modern technologies in the cloud, which makes it easier for DNV to carry out updates and roll out new functions, while at the same time creating a significantly better user experience

Yuriy Suvorov

Project Manager, Itera

In brief: what Cascade does

Cascade enables electricity suppliers to manage the electric grid by tracking age, usage, maintenance history and a range of other relevant variables. This enables reduction of equipment failure and optimisation of equipment lifetime. The results are seen in gained efficiency, lower emissions, and reduced costs, with maximum uptime and reliability of service for end users. 

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