Niko Nyström

Accelerating energy transition

The Nordics and Europe will invest heavily in electricity and clean energy solutions in the coming decades. Digitalisation and data are key drivers of change and will also experience substantial growth.

Itera has developed strong capabilities and excellent references in the electricity value chain. In addition, we are exploring new industries such as energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage, offshore wind and batteries.

In 2022, Itera’s Energy team grew fast. The team consists of skilled professionals located across the Nordics and Central and Eastern Europe. Some are energy industry veterans, while others have strong business, design, data and/or technical skills and experience from other industries. In total, the team delivered approximately 100,000 hours of consultancy services in 2022.

Together with our customers and partners, powered by Digital Factory at Scale, Itera is accelerating the energy transition in the Nordics, Europe and the US. Two examples that we are very proud of are Entelios and DNV Energy Systems.

Entelios, which is part of Å Energi and one of the largest electricity suppliers to the corporate market in the Nordics, chose Itera as its digitisation partner. We are developing a new customer solution with a solid data platform in order to deliver an optimal experience and new services for its customers. In addition, we are investigating innovative new business opportunities in the business-to-business market.

Niko Nyström

– Digitalisation is key to making the energy transition happen at the speed and scale needed to reach the climate goals.

Niko Nyström

Head of Energy at Itera

DNV’s asset management application, Cascade, enables utility companies to manage critical assets in operational decisions. Together with DNV, we have modernised the Cascade software. The solution is now used by approximately 150 US and Canada-based utility companies and contributes to stable electricity deliveries across the US.

Access to enough stable energy will also be critical for the reconstruction of Ukraine. The Norwegian and Nordic energy sectors can help resolve Ukraine's various energy challenges. As soon as the situation stabilises, we at Itera are ready to start this work with partners from Ukraine, Norway and other countries.

In 2023 the growth of the Itera Energy team will continue, and we will contribute even more to the energy transition in the Nordics and internationally.