A new brand unfolds

In 2021 the power company that Norwegians know as BKK was split into two: BKK and Eviny. Eviny is a renewables company and works to make it possible for clean, renewable energy to be used – everywhere. Behind the new name lies a company with a hundred years of history.


- Website development

- Project management


1x Project Manager

1x UX Lead

1x Test Manager

1x UX Developer

1x Front-end Developer

About Eviny

The Norwegian company Eviny provides electricity to customers in numerous different industries, areas of society and sectors, including housing associations and joint-owned properties, property developers, data centres and ports.

The company has over 100 years of history as a producer of renewable and clean energy solutions, and is committed to being a beacon in the green transition. Eviny works to create a renewable future based on clean and endlessly renewable energy from hydropower. It combines its commitment to the climate with profitable business activities and has, for example, the largest number of charging stations in Norway, with the world’s fastest chargers.

Woman charging her electric car on gas station at night

Eviny’s vision is to work to enable zero emissions and responsible energy consumption.

When a new brand is brought into being

In 2021 the power company BKK was divided into two separate brands. The power grid company kept the name BKK, while the rest of the group changed its name to Eviny.

The creation of the two units was the start of an important branding process. In order to make this a success, Eviny needed a clear branding strategy, a key part of which was to be a new website.

The company set up a large interdisciplinary team consisting of staff from Eviny and consultants from several companies who were variously UX specialists, designers, content producers, SEO specialists, universal design experts, testers, developers and business developers.

Ida Tverborgvik

With the Eviny project we are really working to make a difference. The green transition is our guiding star, and Eviny is a driver for renewable energy solutions and for sustainable and customer-driven development – something which motivates us on the team every day. The team’s members are positive and innovative people who really understand that energy and tech together create value

Ida Tverborgvik

Project Manager at Itera Bergen

One Eviny

The company that was previously just called BKK had several subsidiaries that used a range of systems for their customer contact activities. The new company Eviny has brought together these systems and, as part of the project to combine them, has mapped and designed a better flow for customer contact and better functions.

The project has given Eviny a new, shared website with associated systems that are adapted to its new brand’s positioning. As a result the company has a valuable foundation for content marketing, which will be important in its work to promote greater knowledge in the market. The website is still under development and is being changed daily in response to user testing and input from the rest of the organisation. The project is in a learning phase that involves striving to develop smart solutions that are the best for the customer.

The project’s focus areas have included SEO (search engine optimisation) and universal design in order to create a high level of visibility from search engines and to deliver a high-quality and effective user experience. It was also important to Eviny to create a website that was engaging as well as optimised and innovative. The website has been set up on Sanity.io, and has been tailored by developers while also being component-based, which makes the work of the site’s content editors easier.

The value of having a good website is that it will enable Eviny to build awareness of the sustainable work it does, and this in turn may encourage businesses, local-government organisations, private individuals and partners to be part of the green transition in electricity.

Eviny nettside

This project has been through many phases in a short period of time. Working at a company not only requires you to be sharp in terms of tech and methodologies, but also demands that you understand the organisation and the various stakeholders and how these play into the pace at which the team can work. In this regard Itera has shown itself to be able to do the right things quickly, and has ensured good progress on those things for which it is responsible

Helene Edvardsen

Website editor and project owner from Eviny

Working at a company not only requires you to be sharp in terms of tech and methodologies, but also demands that you understand the organisation and the various stakeholders and how these play into the pace at which the team can work.

Helene Edvardsen

Website editor and project owner from Eviny

Eviny nettside

Greater self-service with the user at the centre

One of the project’s objectives has been to provide high-quality self-service solutions so that customers do not necessarily need to contact the customer centre to carry out tasks. The solutions have been developed with the user at the centre and with continuous learning in terms of what works best. The aim is for customers to find it easier to interact with Eviny, and the response to the new profile and website has been positive.

In order to facilitate future campaigns and marketing on social media channels, the website and the system behind it can be changed quickly, meaning it is easy to publish content that supports the message of each individual campaign. Eviny was involved in determining how the structure and functions of its new website would be built, and the company therefore has a solution that is optimally suited to the way in which it works. This makes the company’s work considerably more efficient.