Making data do more with Cognite

Companies in oil and gas, power generation and industry produce and store enormous quantities of data. And data of exactly this type has a key role to play in the digital transformation now taking place in industry globally.

Itera's deliveries to Cognite

- Service design

- Interaction design

- Delivery management

- Data engineering

- Data science

- Software development

- Data-driven business

- Benefits realisation

- Architecture

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Collaboration & partnership

Itera has therefore entered into a close collaboration with Cognite in relation to its solutions that will in the future ensure that business and industry are far more data-driven and sustainable.

Itera and Cognite have had a close strategic collaboration for the last two years, and this consists of consultants from Itera working on the development of the Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) platform and the developer tools that it provides. Itera has also carried out a large number of projects at Cognite’s customers. Itera has provided expertise to these customers that is ensuring that they become more data-driven. This approach creates the opportunity space for them to boost their value creation by making efficient use of their internal and external data.

Two companies, one team

Through its CDF platform Cognite collects data that describes the physical world in order to then visualise and analyse this information for varying purposes, for example in relation to the operation of factories, oil rigs and power networks. It’s solutions make a big contribution to the transformation of industrial value chains, while also putting decision makers in a position to take value-adding decisions based on data-intensive processes and information.

The two companies work as a joint team, right from sales through to implementation, with Cognite primarily focusing on the product portfolio and Itera on delivering CDF-based projects at customers across a range of countries, both in the Nordic region and internationally. In this way Itera is helping Cognite to achieve its growth ambitions.

"Itera has a very skilled team that works with us to build applications for our Cognite Data Fusion customers, which is our industrial data platform. Together we develop, deliver and create value using industrial applications"

John Markus Lervik

CEO Cognite

John Markus Lervik

Photo: Anita Arntzen

Collaborating towards the fourth industrial revolution

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Amplifying change

Digitalisation is one of the most important drivers for the further development of many of the biggest companies in oil and gas, energy production and industry. These types of companies have been producing and storing large amounts of data for years, but have struggled to extract insight and value from this data. This challenge is the gigantic opportunity that Cognite and Itera are working to solve together.

Itera has in recent years systematically invested in building its expertise in CDF and the development of data-driven businesses. We have used this expertise on a large number of successful customer projects at companies such as Aker Solutions, Kværner, North Oil, OMV, Statnett and Aize.

These projects have demonstrated that Itera’s expertise in digitalisation, the customer experience, data management and development are very well suited to delivering fresh impetus to large companies in these sectors. Further international growth in close collaboration with Cognite will therefore be one of Itera’s most important focus areas in the years ahead.

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Make data work harder, and partnerships more productive - sums up the strategic collaboration between Cognite and Itera.

Efficient solutions for the long term

Alongside successful pilots and implementation projects, future success will require projects of this type to be scaled up. Itera is therefore focusing on setting up DevOps-based processes, integrating security into its solutions and creating scalable solutions based on our Hybrid Cloud Service offering. Together these solutions form a platform for the further development of data-driven solutions and the creation of long-term value for their users.

The strategic collaboration between Cognite and Itera has developed very successfully, and it has demonstrated that the companies complement one another very well. Their collaboration will strengthen further in the years ahead, and will contribute to the data-driven transformation of the biggest and most ambitious energy and industrial companies both in the Nordic region and internationally.