An app for increased quality of life

Itera has assisted Össur in developing an app that gives amputees a better patient journey, and prostethic providers a better basis for decision-making.


1x Mobile developer

1x Backend developer

1x Web developer

1x Tester

1x Project manager

A problem that affects millions of people

Worldwide, in 2017 an estimated 57 million people were living with limb amputation due to traumatic causes (Global prevalence of traumatic non-fatal limb amputation. First Published December 4, 2020. Prosthetics and Orthotics International: April 2021 - Volume 45 - Issue 2). 

The process of obtaining a suitable prosthesis can be challenging, particularly as no two people are alike. This is the story of how an app can contribute to increased quality of life through providing personalized measures for individual customization of prostheses.


Image: Össur

57 million people

lived with limb amputation due to traumatic causes in 2017.

Engaged to help improve the patient journey

Itera was engaged by the global company Össur, a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics that help people live a life without limitations.

The company is focused on improving people's mobility through the delivery of innovative technologies in the fields of Prosthetics and Bracing & Supports and has a successful track record in the development, production, and sale of non-invasive orthopaedics.

Headquartered in Iceland and employing a staff of over 4000 located in over 35 countries worldwide, Össur has extensive operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, with numerous distributors in other markets.

Common to the treatment of prosthesis patients in all countries is that there is a great deal of paperwork involved to ensure that the patient receives the proper treatment and that all assessments are well documented. 


Complexity for both the patient and the doctor

Non-invasive orthopaedics is a complex area. Often following an operation, much medical attention is needed to ensure the prosthesis is ideal for the individual patient. Furthermore, there is a risk of complications, e.g., infections, which require further medical treatment and much follow up care from medical expertise. 

The process is accordingly challenging for doctors treating such patients. The treatment each patient should receive depends on the type of prosthesis, the kind of material it is made from and, naturally, each patient’s situation.

Quick start across time zones 

At the time of the cooperation’s start, Össur had collaborated with an American university to develop a solution for prosthetic providers to use that simplifies the process of equipping patients with prostheses. The solution consists of an app and a web interface used to create a statistical overview.

The app, called Pro App (Prosthetic Rehabilitation Outcomes Application) is used to administer outcome tests with patients and gathers all the information in one place. This spares the prosthetic provider much paperwork. In addition, the patient benefits from better follow up, with all the information in one place. For Össur, the app helps to simplify the process of monitoring patient outcome by those who use an individually customized prostheses. 

Ossur App Itera Office

Össur needed external assistance to make the solution production-ready and contacted Itera. In a short time, they could access a team of consultants with the necessary expertise. From our offices in Kyiv, we worked with the customer’s team in Iceland. The solution needed development - both the front and back end of the web interface - and it had to be designed for the American market. 

Focusing on the end-user, Itera developed user-friendly functions based on patients’ and the prosthetic providers needs and expectations. Thanks to the ProApp, Össur is now simplifying the day-to-day life of all those involved in the patient journey – enhancing quality and efficiency for a demanding process. 

– For our collaboration with Össur, we succeeded in delivering a quick start across time zones, and at the same time we were involved in making a difference for people across the world.

Odd Hafid Khalifi

Director of Global Business Development, Itera

Close collaboration with the customer’s experts to address regulatory requirements 

MedTech is a highly regulated industry with strict guidelines and requirements regarding the quality and safety of the solutions and how personal data is stored and processed. 

In this project, Itera’s consultants worked closely with Össur’s experts to ensure that all the relevant requirements were met – while also ensuring that the solution was adapted to users’ needs. 

Itera’s work included:

  • development of an iOS app
  • integration with other services and apps
  • visual design (UI) of a dashboard

Result: a better basis for decisions and a simplified patient journey 

Since Itera started working with Össur, the team has helped with continuous improvements to enhance the experience for end-users. The app is currently being used by clinics across the USA, where both prosthetic providers and patients benefit from a simplified and safer day-to-day experience.

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