ReBuild Ukraine Conference 2023

Itera is honored to have been invited to the ReBuild Ukraine Conference in Warsaw last week. We had the opportunity to showcase the active involvement of the Norwegian business community in entering Ukraine.

During the conference, Itera presented the "Enter Ukraine with Itera" concept, which emphasizes a collaborative approach between the government and the private sector. This approach aims to re-think public-private cooperation and develop an engagement model to support Norwegian businesses entering Ukraine. 

Looking ahead, Ukraine is set to become the world's largest platform for implementing innovative solutions in energy, construction, and infrastructure. It is crucial to take action now by engaging Ukrainian software development teams. This will not only create employment opportunities and provide salaries but also ensure high-quality deliveries for Norwegian businesses. By gaining experience through these steps, business leaders will be better equipped to enter Ukraine, deliver their solutions and services, and engage in business-to-business transactions. 

Here are the key takeaways from the conference: 

  1. Time to Act: It is essential to start your journey in Ukraine without delay, as there are numerous projects that can be undertaken immediately.

  2. Engage Ukrainian Software Development Teams: Begin your journey in Ukraine by collaborating with Ukrainian software development teams. This approach benefits both the Ukrainian digital market and Norwegian businesses, as it fosters high-quality deliveries and supports job creation and salaries, thereby contributing to the resilience of Ukrainian society.

  3. Collaborative Approach: A collaborative approach between the government and the private sector is crucial to effectively address the challenges at hand. 

In addition to participating in the expo area, Jon Erik Høgberg engaged in the panel debate hosted by Norwegian – Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) on the topic: «Next steps for private sector to contribute to Ukraine´s recovery». Read his key takeaways here.

We are excited about the potential opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to participating in Ukraine's growth and development.