Stefan Astroza

Driving the future of finance

We are passionate about the future of the financial services industry. We combine market insight with business understanding, technical expertise and innovation.

Itera and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cicero Consulting, have operated in the banking, insurance and financial services sectors for over three decades. We modernise integral IT systems, create differentiated customer experiences, combat financial crime and accelerate the green transition. We have a modular and product-oriented approach to building sustainable financial technology. Our Digital Factory at Scale is a future-proofed value proposition for digital businesses seeking to gain the most out of innovative cloud services.

As the CEO for Cicero Consulting, and Head of Financial Services & Insurance at Itera, I spend most of my time seeking to understand how our customers’ external conditions need to be met.

Many drivers are shaping the future of financial technology

  • The amount of data available is growing exponentially, but banks and insurance companies rely on consumer trust to maximise its utility. Building trust requires secure and transparent data processing – contributing to better services for the users. Artificial Intelligence is again on the rise, and financial institutions will seek new use cases in order to become more data-driven.

  • Social demand, public pressure, international agreements and regulations are driving the massive focus on ESG and climate change. Banks and insurance companies are on a path to finding potential competitive advantages.

  • Established financial institutions and new challengers are working restlessly to utilise innovative technology and new business models to create new products and services. As the market conditions are constantly changing, today's answer is not a guarantee of tomorrow's success.
Stefan Astroza

– Together with our forward-looking customers, we are changing the fabric of the financial services industry.

Stefan Astroza

Head of Financial Services & Insurance

The requirements to which financial organisations are subject are becoming more and more challenging to meet. To succeed, the industry must continuously create new and better solutions. Collaboration is one of the critical building blocks of the Nordic financial services industry. So, in my opinion, this legacy should be continued. Even though we see a lot of fruitful collaborations in the market space already, I believe there is space for even more.

Itera is well positioned to accelerate the digital transformation of the financial services industry. Our Digital Factory at Scale was built to enable faster business innovation by means of autonomous teams and cloud services. Together with world leading technology partners, we provide secure, predictable and flexible service delivery and end-to-end operations capabilities for our banking and insurance customers.